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A Birmingham Pr Agency Vs DIY Press Submissions

We often hear businesses large and small asking why should one use the services of any Birmingham pr agency, especially when they think, the staff and colleagues at work are wellversed with DIY techniques to promote marketing and sales.

Today we would like to speak to you on why you should think of a Birmingham pr agency to promote your business and how it is more effective than your run of the mill DIY use.

  1. Birmingham pr agency’s would help with counseling- The agency would show you what the real market is like, which you wouldn’t be able to gauge from within using DIY techniques. Now this would depend on how well you absorb this information, which would lead to success ahead.
  2. Your in house staff wouldn’t be working and acting on your behalf round the clock, but the Birmingham pr agency would. You would want news, opinions and views of the markets with various angles and certainly no twists, this is what wouldn’t be achieved when you in house staff does the same.
  3. Resources are flexible when used through the hands of Birmingham pr agency experts. There are no limits on how many people from the agency can work on a given task and that too with the right skill set at hand. Do you get that assurance from those who work in house and when you plan on using DIY, we doubt!!
  4. New thoughts and ideas are generated daily from any Birmingham pr agency. Your in house workers using DIY may not have the motivation round the clock to generate ideas the way, the pr agency experts would.

We spoke with local business about there pr needs who told us ‘ we would definitley recommend using an agency for PR mainly due to the extensive contacts that they have,

Now you decide, is it the Birmingham pr agency or the DIY in house workers techniques?

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